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Create email signatures for lawyers
Add photo to email signature

Add Your Photo

Adding a photo to your email signature design increases the overall trust and response rate by up to 20%. If you are a lawyer and business owner, the photo will positively impact a personal brand. Using a light background, bright colors, and your perfect smile will skyrocket email engagement. Make sure you use a recent professionally made photo.

Call-to-action in email signature


Turn your email signature into an actionable productivity tool by adding actionable call-to-action buttons. Let your clients book a meeting with you in one click, request a free consultation, or connect on LinkedIn.

Email signature banner

Email Signature Banner

Use the space under the contact details for self-promotion. Add an email signature banner with a link to your recent success story, or showcase the awards you've received. Share company news or upcoming events.

Email address in email signature

Include Your Email Address

Add your email address to help get in touch and not get lost in forwarded email threads. It will help your contacts stay connected and provide additional opportunities, crucial for small businesses, to be reached by new clients.

Contact information in email signature

Contact Information

Turn your email signature into an interactive business card with ways to contact you. Add phone numbers with a click-to-call link and extensions for a landline. Adding your office address is also preferable to better show you’re a well-established firm.

Branded email signatures

Use the Law Firm’s Brands

Use your law firm’s logo in the email signature to get more brand exposure. If your company has a perfect reputation, it will also help your attorneys establish better relations with customers.

Email signature title

Full Title

Add your full title and specify the type of law practice as well as the level of the certification even if it's an attorney’s personal email signature. These details will help your lawyers look more professional in the eyes of customers, especially when making first impressions.

Why Choose Our Email Signatures for Lawyers?

Attorney Email Signature Examples

Email signature example
Email signature for lawyer
Email signature for attorney
Lawyer email signature
Attorney email signature
Email signature for a lawyer
Email signature template
Email signature template for lawyers
Email signature example for attorneys

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Start Benefiting from Professional Email Signature for Lawyers

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Create Professional Email Signature for Lawyers

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Email signatures for lawyers

Assure Brand Compliant Signature Templates

Save Time and Money

Cost-Efficient Marketing Channel

Be sure that all attorneys and partners use brand-consistent email signature templates. Standardized email signatures demonstrate the credibility of your company and make an additional professional impression of your lawyers.

Do you feel that creating signatures is a time-consuming and overly complicated process because of so many people being involved? Set up the HTML signatures according to the branding guidelines all by yourself using our editor with live preview. No design or coding skills are required.

How many emails do your employees send every month? Thousands upon thousands! Turn space under the email signature for attorneys into compelling marketing campaigns with Newoldstamp.

Newoldstamp Email Signature Software Advantages and Features

Email Signature Central Management

Manage email signatures in one place. Create only one master signature template that will be used as default to add employees' email signatures. Upload file with contact information and our system will create hundreds of signatures in minutes based on master signature design.

Segment Email Signatures

Create several branded and professional email signature templates for lawyers with different certification levels and different departments or regions. Segmented and personalized email signatures drive more effective and professional email communication with clients.

Advanced email signature generator
Email signature with disclaimer

Advanced Email Signature Generator

Enjoy more than 25 professional email signature templates that can be customized to meet branding requirements. Set up colors, font style, and size. Choose the shape and colors of social media icons. Fine-tune images to fit your attorney email signature size and overall design.

Add and Control Legal and IRS Disclaimers

Append IRS specific email signature disclaimers to meet all legal requirements when sending wealth management-related emails. You can also add a standard, or customized, non-disclosure disclaimer using our email signature generator.

Email signatures central management
Branded lawyers email signatures

Simple Signature Deployment

Share the ready signature directly from the dashboard or send it to your team as a link to the email signature generator. It will have the pre-designed layout to fill in employees’ personal information. Block optional fields to adhere to branding requirements. There is no need to ask your IT department for assistance.

Email Signature Marketing

Use email signatures as a marketing tool. Help your employees achieve their business goals by setting up the relevant call-to-action at the end of each email. Run signature banner campaigns based on the type of law practice, department, office, and/or location.

Install email signature for attorney
Email signature marketing

Make Your Email Signature Cross-Platform and Mobile Friendly

Be sure that every signature sent looks professional and consistent across email clients and email service providers. We support major email clients and email service providers: Gmail, Apple Mail (Mac and iOS Mail), Outlook (Desktop and Mobile), Thunderbird, SendGrid, MailChimp, and more.

Calendar Integration

Simplify the process of setting up a meeting with you. Add your scheduling page link to the email signature to avoid back and forth switching when choosing the best time for you and your customer.

Mobile email signature for attorney
Calendar integration in email signature

Try How Simple Creating of Attorney Email Signature Can Be

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Email Signature Best Practices for Lawyers

Examples of Email Signatures for Attorneys

Attorney email signature
Email signature examples
Attorney email signature example
Lawyer email signature sample
Attorney email signature
Email signature examples
Email signature template for lawyers
Email signature examples
Email signature example for attorney
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