Professional Email Signatures for Personal Assistants 

Boost your email communication abilities with a professional email signature. Use an email footer to help your recipients organize all their calls and meetings with you, or your boss, directly from the inbox. 

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Add trust with email signatures

More trust and increased credibility

Each well-designed signature is a perfect opportunity to share a little information that helps build recognition about you or your CEO. Also, it really improves trust and adds up to the credibility of your emails. 

Simple and powerful signature editor

Simple and powerful signature editor 

Newoldstamp email signature generator is perfect for personal assistants. You don’t have to know coding, or design anything yourself. All the elements are editable and manageable directly from Newoldstamp tool. Our signatures work with major email clients and on mobile devices.

Email signature disclaimer

Sensitive data security with legal disclaimers

If you are sending business emails that include confidential information or you just want to protect some sensitive data, use an email signature legal disclaimer. It will make sure everything included in emails is protected by law. 

Beautiful email signature

Finishing look for your email correspondence

Make your email signature look as professional as any email content. Lots of customization abilities in Newoldstamp editor let you be as creative as you want. Make all the colors look perfect to assure your emails are taken cogently and respectfully.

Install your email signature easily

Fast and easy signature installation

Easily install your personal signature to any email client or mobile email app. Don’t spend your time on desktop applications or browser extensions. Just click ‘Install with Google’ if you use Gmail or copy-paste your signature to any other email account settings. 

Add social media icons to personal assistant email signature

Improved communication via social media

Spend a lot of time communicating in chats or messengers? Add social media icons to your email signature from Newoldstamp and make it easier for recipients to reach out. Share your professional social accounts to freely grow network, so that any future communication is made as simple as possible.

CTA buttons in email signature

Calls and meetings schedule in email footer

Include meeting invitations, calendar appointment links, or direct call buttons to let people contact you faster. Use top-notch CTA buttons or signature-size banners to produce the best email signature for a personal assistant and make it truly multifunctional.

Email signature templates

Gallery of email signature templates

Leave the hard work to Newoldstmap. We already have a full gallery of ready-to-use email signature templates. Choose the one you like and fill it out with your contact information. All our templates are professionally designed to work in all email clients and mobile devices. 

Add contact information to email signature

All contact information in one place 

Don’t make your recipients look for any essential information about you and your company. List everything important in your email signature for personal assistant. Adding your phone numbers, website, and email address can help you get quick responses to your messages. And It's really easy to do with all Newoldstamp signature templates. 

Why Use Newoldstamp to Create a Professional Email Signature

Best Examples of Email Signatures for Personal Assistants

Email signature example
Email signature for personal assistant
Email signature for personal assistants
Personal assistants email signature
Personal assistant email signature
Email signature for a personal assistant
Email signature template
Email signature template for personal assistant
Email signature example for personal assistant
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Top Tips for Creating Email Signatures for Personal Assistants

Adding a photo increases trust and helps you build a healthy relationship with your recipients. Also, a photo in an email signature adds a more personal touch and increases your email engagement. People like to see that there’s a real person on the other side of the email.

Add your personal photo

Personal photo
Contact information

Add the necessary contact information

It's important for personal assistants to include all contact information: name, job title, company name and address, phone number, email, website. This will help them contact you easily without any trouble. Also, too much contact information can make the signature harder to read and look untidy or unprofessional.

Fonts and colors

Choose right fonts and colors

Use no more than two colors in your email signature’s best template. In this way, you make it look both professional and pleasant to look at. Also, if you want your signature to display properly in all email clients, choose professional fonts that must be Web-Safe. Others just don’t work on all devices.

By having social media icons with links in the email signature, you will gain the opportunity to continue your business relationship outside of your email. This is particularly convenient if you usually use chats to contact people. However, remember not to add more than 4 icons in the signature.

Add social media icons

Social icons
Signature design

Don't overload your signature

While there are many essential elements you can add to your email signature, it’s better to try and keep it neat. Don't add too many lines of text, unnecessary contact information, or insufficient social media links. The trick is to make the most out of your good email signature and keep a professional look.

Call-to-action in email signature

Don't forget about the Call-to-Action

Including attractive call-to-action in the email signature is a fast and easy way to let your recipients schedule a call with you, book a meeting with your CEO, or see if you are available in a calendar. You can add it via text and URL, or use some preset buttons with different action and colors.

Best Email Signature Examples for Personal Assistants

Email signature for personal assistant
Email signature for executive assistant
Professional email signature
Professional email signature for personal assistant
Responsive email signature for personal assistant
Beautiful email signature for personal assistant
Email signature design for personal assistant
Email signature example for personal assistant
Email signature template for personal assistant

Why Do Personal Assistants Need Email Signatures?

As a personal assistant, you probably send tons of emails every day. And a considerable part of these are cold emails, meeting invitations, employees communication. In general, emails that are bound to start a new conversation. So, a person on the other side would naturally want to learn all the necessary information about you, your CEO, and your company.
Unless your email message has been long expected, your addressee will not spend their time looking up all this data or checking out your social media profiles for the way to contact you faster. But they should if you want to make a professional impression. Thus, an email signature creator comes in handy.
With a Newoldstamp email signature in your email bottom line, you save your recipients from the hustle of gathering the essential information about you. In addition, any email looks much more professional with a signature included. Not to talk about useful banners and CTAs that can help addressees reach out to you in one click.

Create a professional email signature for personal assistant

We Support Major Email Clients:

Gmail email client
Thunderbird email client
Apple  mail email client
IOS mail email client
Outlook email client
Yahoo email client

What Should Be Included in Your Personal Assistant Email Signature?

  • Your full name and position
  • Company name or the person who you represent
  • Phone numbers

Essential elements:

  • Website
  • Physical address, if necessary
  • Your professional photo or company logo

Optional elements:

  • Social media icons
  • CTA buttons and banners
  • Email address
  • Legal disclaimer

Create your email signature for a personal assistant in our generator

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Create your email signature for a personal assistant in our generator

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