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Increase brand visibility.

Power up your email communications.

Promote your offers.

What's the deal?

Get the word out about special offers

You send hundreds of emails every day, building the closest relationships with your current and potential customers. Don't miss a chance to let them know about future discounts and unique offerings.

Promote your apps in the marketplaces

Do you want to have more users installing your app or visiting your page in the marketplace? Each email sent by your colleagues with a good email signature can increase uploads and drive more relevant traffic to your store.

Invite to your stand at the conference

Are you participating in some huge conferences? Don't let your booth stay empty. Use signature banners to invite your current users or leads to meet near the stand. Let the signature be your lead generation tool.

Share case studies and reports in your company signature

Showcase your success stories and experience to your prospects. Increase their trust and convince them of your competence in every email signature.

Build more trust and increase credibility by sharing companies' awards, achievements, or certificates in business email signatures to accelerate the sales process.

Gain more trust

Frequently Asked Questions 

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What should I do to get the deal?

Launched less than 2 years ago and has fewer than 10 employees.

Has less than 1M funding.

You need to upgrade to any plan that has more than 10 signatures. You will get a 50% Off for the first purchase.
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What you can do with Newoldstamp

Get more leads

Use an email signature as a part of your sales strategy. Turn your email signatures into the lead generation machine. Add call-to-action buttons for scheduling a demo to business email signatures of your sales managers.

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Promote your apps with email signature
Invite email recipients to a conference
Email signature promotes special offers
Share case studies with email signatures
Add credentials to your email signature
Schedule a demo with an email signature

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